Muhammad Wasif

I love to
  • code
  • create
  • solve
  • learn

I'm a passionate programmer who loves to solve challenging problems. I am First Pakistani Google Code-In Runner Up at one of the leading open source organization, FOSSASIA. Along with modern web app development, I also do some cloud native and mobile development.


I create stuff with cutting edge technologies. Along with creating serverless web applications with Firebase, Gastby.js and Netlify, I am diving into cloud native development. I create containerized applications with Docker and orchestrate them with Kubernetes. I am more focused on Front End Development to bring responsive and attractive interfaces


Javascript / ES6


React / Redux / Gastby.js

Firebase (Web) - Firestore / Database / Authentication / Cloud Storage



React Native


SCSS / jQuery / Responsive Web Design

Other Skills

Git / Github


Certificates & Achievements

Front End Development with React

November 2019

Google Code-In 2019 Runner Up

December 2019 - January 2020


Workers' Welfare School
2009 - 2019
Instructor at Khalk e Khuda Computer Labs
April 2019 - July 2019
Open Source Developer at FOSSASIA
Decemeber 2019 - January 2022
Punjab College of Science
2019 - 2021
September 2019 - October 2020
brain flame


I love to create awesome stuff by myself as well as by contributing to open source. I contribute to FOSSASIA and other open source projects to bring ease to lives of people. Here are some of the projects I have created:

OLX Website

HTML5 / CSS3, Firebase

A model of product selling website where you can sell products. You can Sign In / Sign Out, Create an Ad, Search Ads based on Categories and see others' Ads.

Rating App

React, Firebase, Ant Design

A fun project where you can rate different models based on their cuteness and beauty. The app will also show the average ranking!

QuickNote - PWA

React, Quill, PWA

A Notepad Progressive Web App in which you can easily create, edit, read and delete notes. You can install it on your home screen and use on the go.

Pakistan Cricket Board Website

HTML5 / CSS3, Javascript

A duplicate of official website of Pakistan Cricket Board. The website is completely responsive, based on CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid. (Front End Only)