Muhammad Wasif

I love to
  • code
  • create
  • solve
  • learn

I'm a passionate programmer who loves to solve challenging problems. I am First Pakistani Google Code-In Runner Up at one of the leading open source organization, FOSSASIA. Along with modern web app development, I also do some cloud native and mobile development.


I create stuff with cutting edge technologies. Along with creating serverless web applications with Firebase, Gastby.js and Netlify, I am diving into cloud native development. I create containerized applications with Docker and orchestrate them with Kubernetes. I am more focused on Front End Development to bring responsive and attractive interfaces


Javascript / ES6


React / Redux / Gastby.js



Firebase (Web) - Firestore / Database / Authentication / Cloud Storage

Node.js / Express Framework


React Native


SCSS / jQuery / Responsive Web Design

Other Skills

Git / Github

Linux / Bash

Certificates & Achievements

Front End Development with React

November 2019

Google Code-In 2019 Runner Up

December 2019 - January 2020


I love to write and share different experiences of my life with the world. So that other people, who are new, can learn from my experiences and I can grow as well.
I have a blog! Go check out!

brain flame


Workers' Welfare School
2009 - 2019
Instructor at Khalk e Khuda Computer Labs
April 2019 - July 2019
Punjab College of Science
2019 - 2021
September 2019 - October 2020
Open Source Developer at FOSSASIA
Decemeber 2019 - January 2022
brain flame


I love to create awesome stuff by myself as well as by contributing to open source. I contribute to FOSSASIA and other open source projects to bring ease to lives of people. Here are some of the projects I have created:

OLX Website

HTML5 / CSS3, Firebase

A model of product selling website where you can sell products. You can Sign In / Sign Out, Create an Ad, Search Ads based on Categories and see others' Ads.

Personal Blog

React, API

A blog website created with React and API

Rating App

React, Firebase, Ant Design

A fun project where you can rate different models based on their cuteness and beauty. The app will also show the average ranking!

QuickNote - PWA

React, Quill, PWA

A Notepad Progressive Web App in which you can easily create, edit, read and delete notes. You can install it on your home screen and use on the go.